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We offer mobile car detailing services in and near Cedar Rapids, IA

Wish your car still looked like it did when you drove it off the lot? Dee's Luxury Auto Spa can provide car detailing services to remove dirt and dust, leaving your vehicle spotless. Additionally, you can get your car cleaned without driving to our location and without waiting through a long cleaning process. You can schedule our quick, mobile car detailing services anywhere in Cedar Rapids, IA or the surrounding area.

Choose from a full range of detailing services

In addition to quick car detailing services, we offer a full array of car cleaning services. You can request a free estimate on:

Like the quick car detailing service above, you can arrange for any service at our location or your own. Call 319-651-1234 now to schedule auto detailing services on our site or mobile car detailing services. All prices vary, depending on the vehicle.

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Whether you're preparing cars for sale or you simply want your ride to look like something from a car commercial, you can rely on Dee's Luxury Auto Spa. We can make sure that your vehicle is ready to impress, with a polished exterior and spotless interior. Hire us to clean your car right away to see your vehicle look its best yet.